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For many years we've been looking at ways to help our business partners. One request you have constantly made was for innovative marketing campaigns that produce good leads and increase sales.

So here it is. We have partnered with Elastic Digital to provide you with your own interactive digital marketing department. With 400+ campaigns under their belt, in 12 languages, across 53 countries, your marketing campaign will be run by experts in the field of online technology marketing.

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Secure & safe data

Partner Grid is managed by a third party (Elastic Digital) on security certified servers. Not only is your data safe but is "for your eyes only".

Fully Integrated

Partner Grid is completely integrated with your interactive microsite (video, audio, flash, animations). It’s not a boring, static html.

Easy to Use

Partner Grid is easy to use. While the preferred method of communication is email it is not the only one. You can integrate it with direct mail, telephone selling, press ads, etc.

Customize Lead Alerts

You don't have to receive a lead alert from a casual visit to your site. You can set the "lead criteria" for your campaign so that you only receive lead alerts from prospects that interact with your site in ways that you have pre-determined.

Build a unique profile for every contact

Partner Grid builds a unique profile of each prospect and customer’s interaction with your engaging interactive Flash microsite.

No complex software to install

There is no software to install. All you need is a web browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox) and you can be up and running in seconds.