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Grid+ is the next generation in Grid campaigning.

Grid+ builds on the established strengths of the Grid to deliver greater promotion of your company’s brand, alongside Partner. It allows partners to customize their campaign sites beyond adding their logo and contact details.

Now, with Grid+, partners can match campaign colors to their own branding through the use of primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

Grid+ also enables text customization (within pixel height and width constraints) on the dedicated partner page, Promotions Page and the Contact Page. You can also include a customized home page banner for cross-promotion from your customized campaign site.

Grid+ extends access and hosting of your fully interactive, co-branded campaign websites to 6 months with unlimited emails. Grow your business further and faster with Grid+.
HTML Grid Email Design
A Grid designer will integrate your branding and color scheme in the Grid launch email.
Campaign Site Integrates Partner Colors
A Grid designer will re-brand the campaign site using your website’s coloring. Colors are chosen carefully to ensure the best effect.
Customized Promotion and Cross Promotion
Partners can now modify the campaign promotions page with modified versions of campaign promotions or their own unique promotional offers.

Partners can also customize the banner that appears on the campaign homepage to promote their own site, events, awards, expertise, etc.
Your Own Partner Page
Independent of the Promotions Page is the Partner Page. The Partner Page is all about your business, your proof points and competencies. It’s an opportunity to sell your strengths as the best provider of the campaign solution.

  Grid Grid+
Your launch email
Your logo added next to the vendor logo on the launch HTML email yes yes
Dedicated designer to design a custom email template around your brand yes
Custom launch HTML email template built and loaded onto the Grid yes
Your interactive website
Fully trackable co-branded microsite yes yes
Your logo added next to the vendor logo on the site yes yes
Contact us page customized with your company's contact details yes yes
Dedicated Grid designer to re-brand the microsite to YOUR brand yes
Your brand's coloring used to re-brand the entire site yes
Your Content
Your contact details on the contact us page yes yes
Customizable promotions page -- add your own promotion information yes
Customizable partner page - add content about your company and its competencies yes
Customizable home page banner - promote your website, events, webinars, etc.* yes
Your lead generation
Email and Profile2Lead engine yes yes
Access and hosting 3 months 6 months
Number of emails Unlimited Unlimited
* This depends on the campaign. Not all campaigns are designed and built with this functionality.