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Best days and time to send B2B email?
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

AM - Between 0930 and 1100 hours
PM - Between 1400 and 1500 hours
Reminder emails - a must do!
Reminder emails consistently achieve a higher clickthrough rate than the original emails - usually 150% of the original email clickthrough rate.

Why? Multiple touch enables you to capture two audiences – those receptive to marketing and others, who are receptive to personalized, friendly emails from someone they know.

When? Reminder emails work best after 7 days have elapsed.
Lead Alerts - Get in front of your clients!
The main purpose of the lead alert is to give you a reason to call your client when your company and technology solution are top of mind.

How do you use them:
  • Contact the lead and ask them if they received your campaign.
  • Then, ask if you can provide them with any additional information on the topics they were most interested in.
  • Suggest a face-to-face meeting to provide that information.
  • You have the right information at the right time to make an informed call.
How do I generate traffic?
Look in the launch kit for campaign related email signatures and banner. Add these to the email addresses of everyone in your office and place the banner on your website.

If you’re keen you could even run a direct mail campaign sending people to your Grid website.
How to leverage whitespace traffic?
Your grid campaign acts differently if someone arrives anonymously, eg you didn’t send them an email from the grid, they were referred by a friend or clicked on your web banner. This is called whitespace traffic.

If you go to your Grid site and click on an asset or questionnaire – you are prompted for your details. When someone fills in their details an email alert will be sent to you.
General B2B Email stats
Permission Based technology emails;
16.5% Will Open
1.5% Will Click Through

Visit this site for updated weekly benchmark data on email marketing statistics:

Note: These stats are for permission-based emails. The rule of thumb for a purchased list is to cut these figures in half!